Positive Workplace Culture

Positive Workplace Culture

This training is designed to strengthen a workplace culture that encourages respect, inclusion, trust and productivity. 

Everyone in New Zealand is entitled to work in a safe and inclusive workplace, where people treat one another with respect. We know that inappropriate behaviours can occur in the workplace so the actions we can take to prevent and respond to those behaviours is vital to ensure that our work environment remains safe and positive. 

If people feel safe and respected at work, they are less likely to engage in unacceptable and harmful workplace behaviours. We also know that, if people believe they are working in a supportive workplace environment where their actions will be backed up, they will be more likely to identify and respond to inappropriate behaviours.

Programme objectives:

  • Establishing a shared understanding of what sexual harm is.
  • Understand the language of sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual harm.
  • Feel comfortable to make appropriate social comments in the workplace.
  • Contribute to a respectful workplace environment.
  • Safely take appropriate action if you witness inappropriate workplace behaviour.
  • Feel empowered to provide genuinely constructive feedback to colleagues.

Participants are asked to complete a pre-workshop online survey to describe their current understanding of what harassment is and what their vision of a safe and respectful workplace looks like. Each participant receives a training workbook and engages in team building exercises throughout the workshop.

In the workshop, participants explore some of the drivers of unacceptable workplace behaviour, methods for preventing harassment in the workplace and how to develop and maintain a supportive culture of community care.

Email jt@respected.org.nz  for more information.