It’s Our Business

It’s Our Business

Sexual Harm Prevention for Hospitality Workers (4 hour workshop)

Alcohol is a drug commonly used to facilitate sexual violence and people working in environments where people are using alcohol are in an ideal position to play a positive role in sexual violence prevention.

The focus of this workshop is on how to address alcohol-facilitated sexual violence in bar and club environments. It has an emphasis on host responsibility and ethical bystander intervention.

It isn’t always easy to know what to do when you spot a potentially unsafe situation. This workshop helps support staff to identify unsafe situations and to know how to take action safely to help keep the venue safe and fun for all patrons.

Developed and delivered by experienced educators and clinicians, these workshops explore best practice in providing a safe and supportive environment for staff, patrons, and volunteers in spaces where alcohol might be consumed.

Through group discussions and small group exercises participants will explore the following topics:

  • Defining sexual harm, harassment and understanding harmful behaviour
  • Understanding sexual harassment in the broader context of culture
  • How to safely respond to and de-escalate potentially harmful situations
  • Practical steps for preventing harm
  • Establishing safe spaces in venues and at events 
  • How to respond safely and appropriately to disclosures of sexual harm 
  • Understanding the impacts of trauma & supporting somebody who may be experiencing trauma
  • Managing robust personal and professional boundaries

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