MeWeToo tshirts

meweTOO T-shirts

We’ve teamed up with the NopeSisters who are selling some awesome t-shirts, and donating the profits to us and our sister organisation, Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation!

You can check out the new design or order a t-shirt here

In their own words, the NOPESISTERS say:

STAND UP alongside the silence breakers. The #METOO movement sweeping the world has enabled and emboldened victims of sexual abuse to speak out and say #NOPE Time’s Up !

This tee has been created in response to requests from our fans. We all know someone who’s a victim, or we can reflect on our own experiences of sexual harassment, assault or violence –  it’s ME & WE TOO .

The movement began ten years ago by Tarana Burke – long before the hastags – and its current resurgence and strength lies in the power of solidarity.

We all know someone who’s a victim, or we have our own experiences of sexual abuse, harassment, or violence – so we believe it’s not just me too it’s we too.

Wear  the  new embroidered logo 100% cotton tee (me & we in mirror image) above your heart to say that we stand together for a world free from sexual violence. Have those courageous conversations.

EVERY tee sold will proudly share profits with two amazing charity organisations who we know do great work in this area:  RespectEd Aotearoa – offering education programmes in school and business communities to teach sexual violence prevention strategies, and Sexual Abuse HELP –  who support, counsel and advocate for any victims of sexual abuse.