Judy O’Brien

Programme Manager – Community and Organisational Development

Judy was born and raised in Auckland, and holds a BA in Psychology & Linguistics from the University of Auckland. She moved to Wellington for the first time in 2006 to work with the National Taskforce for Action on Sexual Violence, in the Ministry of Justice. During her time working in government Judy studied organisational behaviour, the the criminology of sexual violence and the development of social policy for sexual violence prevention in New Zealand, at Victoria University of Wellington.

Judy is the Sexual Abuse Prevention Network’s Programme Manager – Community & Organisational Development. She joined the organisation in 2017 after living abroad for 6 years. During her time overseas Judy worked as a sexuality coach, public speaker, performer and performance mentor, producer, and peer support facilitator, as well as working with businesses, arts and community organisations as an advocate for and consultant on gender policy and violence prevention initiatives. She is passionate about cultural change and strongly believes in a community responsibility approach to fostering a safe and civil society in New Zealand.