Mike Sansom

COD Trainer

Mike is a trainer in the Community Mobilisation & Organisational Development team facilitating workshops with public and private sector organisations on how to reduce sexual harm by changing behaviours and culture. Contracting to RespectEd is not such a surprise; he has worked in numerous roles in international development and public policy in Aotearoa, with a strong focus on social justice and inter- and intra- generational equity. This has included programmes that aim to reduce sexual and gender based violence, harm and inequality. Being exposed to feminist perspectives over a couple of decades has informed his approach to reducing sexual harm and the critical need to call out sexism, discrimination, misogyny and harmful structures and behaviours.   
Mike lives in Te Whanganui a Tara Wellington with his partner, having been brought up in Ōtautahi Christchurch and lived overseas. Happiness is hanging out with any of his three twenty something year old kids (one who also does some work with RespectED), fishing on an old kayak, unsettling the patriarchy from within, tennis and eating and drinking with anyone with a shared interest and a good story.